Life Changeres – Author’s Note

These are short talks that I presented first on Lifechangers radio broadcasts. Many of my listeners have requested for copies of my talks and I decided to put them all together as a book.

You will find in this book practical solutions for the many problems that all of us face each day. I have attempted to present scriptural as well as psychological solutions to such issues. You will also find in these pages some solution-focused Bible studies. I would recommend this book for individual as well as group study. This book would be, particularly, useful in support groups (eg. group of recovering alcoholics) where each chapter could be read and discussed per session.

I am thankful to Christina K. Abraham for reviewing and making corrections in the manuscript. I am also thankful to Mr. Randy Johnson, Joel Madhukar and Mr. Joel Abraham, Co-host, for their free services towards the production of Lifechangers.

I dedicate this book to all my listeners who listen to the radio broadcasts week after week.

Please complete the response card and mail it to me when you are done reading this book.

Kondoor V. Abraham, M.A., M.A, Th.D., Psy.D.